The SACCO Story

The SACCO Story

SACCO’s founder, German/British entrepreneur Alexander Hascher, in an interview with noted sartorial commentator Christian Barker.

Alexander Hascher possesses an impeccable, two-decade pedigree in menswear, including spells at Dior, Hugo Boss, Raf Simons, Scabal, Savile Row’s Ozwald Boateng, and Yves Saint Laurent. Here, Alex explains why he’s launched this new menswear label, dedicated to delivering the finest unstructured, unlined Neapolitan blazers — with a price-tag as handsome as their aesthetic.

Christian Barker: What inspired you to launch SACCO?

Alexander Hascher: I’ve always had a love for the blazer, and it’s only grown stronger as the years have passed. It truly is the key, essential menswear item. In a way, it’s like the T-shirt — one of those iconic items that never changes much, because it’s perfect as it is. The two-button, notch lapel blazer is simply timeless. I’ve been in the fashion industry for 20 years, my first job was with Hugo Boss, where we were always talking about the sakko, because it’s the German word for blazer. With SACCO, we’ve given it an Italian spin, as the product is 100% Made in Italy, every detail from the labels to the corozo buttons, the trademark ‘azzurro’ blue piping, the fabric, and of course the construction, which is all done in Naples.

CB: Could you explain a little more about the product’s Italian-made, and specifically, Neapolitan provenance?

AH: Many brands are just inspired by Neapolitan tailoring, whereas ours is an absolutely authentic, entirely Neapolitan-made garment. Sacco, in Italian, means sack, which neatly ties in with the cloth we use — a breezy, open weave, pure wool hopsack from the legendary mill, Vitale Barberis Canonico. But sacco has another meaning in Italian: ‘a great deal’. And, with its direct-to-consumer wholesale pricing, that’s exactly what our product represents.

CB: How does SACCO manage to sell its jackets at such remarkably attractive prices?

AH: Our blazer is an honest-to-goodness, legitimate luxury product — we work with the same suppliers and workshops the top Neapolitan tailoring brands use. If we were to sell our blazers in a shop, they’d be triple the price. But because our company is headquartered outside Italy, and we sell exclusively online, we cut out the middlemen, eliminate distribution and retail expenses, and are able to offer the consumer our product at what basically amounts to a wholesale price. We’re a truly global company, headquartered in Singapore, using German logistics leader DHL, with all-Italian production and materials, marketing out of Britain, and a French designer.

“If we were to sell our blazers in a retail shop, they’d be triple the price.”

CB: Speaking of design, what’s the philosophy behind the cut and construction of a SACCO blazer?

AH: Our blazer is the perfect garment for the contemporary gentleman. The Neapolitan style of tailoring was developed to ensure men in Naples retained a sharp, laid-back style even on the hottest summer days, staying comfortable while looking smart — and that’s precisely what guys are looking for today. An unlined, unstructured jacket doesn’t just feel great to wear; it’s also a guarantee of quality. Lining can hide a multitude of tailoring shortcuts, but an unlined jacket doesn’t allow for imperfections. The architecture, the construction — everything’s on show. Adaptable to being worn casually or formally, SACCO’s blazers are easy to wear, easy to maintain, and they’re terrific for travelling. The resilience of the hopsack cloth means you can wear the jacket throughout a flight and emerge at your destination looking crisp and fresh. You could even use it as a pillow, and it’d bounce right back. We spent literally weeks in Naples, visiting dozens of workshops, before settling on one that would deliver the absolute highest standard of blazer. The quality is truly top-tier.

CB: Will you be expanding the range beyond blazers?

AH: Though there are plans to grow the range with shirts, trousers and accessories next year, SACCO has launched with a laser-like focus on the blazer, initially presented in a series of 12 colours inspired by the kaleidoscopic architecture of the island of Procida, in the Bay of Naples. Choices range from dandyish pink, green, yellow, sky blue and burgundy, through classic navy, grey and black. The fit is true. The gorge is high, the notch an exacting 90 degrees, the 10cm lapel neither too broad nor too thin — just right. The SACCO jacket is, put simply, 21st century sartorial perfection.

CB: In a nutshell, what is SACCO’s unique proposition?

AH: Our vision is to sell the best blazer at the best price. Try on a SACCO, and judge for yourself.